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Nomosphere, The partner of smart cities

70% of the world’s population will live in cities in 2050, that represents 6.3 billion people. The Smart City market will exceed $ 147 billion in 2020 (Market and Markets firm study).

A smart WiFi network for the Smart City

NOMOSPHERE offers a public urban tailored WiFi service to enhance your territory, your heritage and your actions while promoting dialogue with the citizens and the tourists. More than a powerful WiFi network, NOMOSPHERE offers an innovative and personalized global solution to coordinate the different stakeholders of your city and to bring them together.

Smart City Wifi Pack Benefits

Enhance your cultural heritage with a simple click!

Via a platform previously enriched by your services, offer the possibility to tourists to prepare a thematic itinerary that they can keep for the duration of their visit.

Many tourists prepare their visit upstream thanks to the many sites of tourism, social networks, guides … but after having checked the information, what does really remain?

Thanks to the IstoryPath platform, we offer the possibility to tourists to prepare thematic paths, to store them and to be able to consult them posteriori. This solution integrates geoglocation services to better help tourists during their stay in your city and offers them the richest circuit « touristically speaking » and not the shortest.

IstoryPath is also connected to the main social networks. Tourists benefit from reviews, comments from people who have previously visited points of interest in your city. These exchanges improve the visibility of your Cultural Heritage on the internet.

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You want to improve communication, exchange and sharing between your services and your citizens? we have the solution.

Communicate with your citizens to inform them about jobs, entertainment, the passage of bulky or other through the exchange platform City2Gether.

Residents receive targeted notifications (depending on the areas of interest previously selected) and geolocated (event in their neighborhood). This solution also allows citizens to send information directly to the service of the city concerned: an accident impeding traffic, degraded street furniture, etc.

In one click the information goes back to your services and can be processed.

Pack Wifi smart city

Preserve your water resources with smart watering

A water bill that is too high for your green spaces? Save up to 25% by intelligently controlling your watering!

With Nomosphere, put nature at the heart of your Smart City through an ecological project. We offer you a complete solution to optimize water resources and reduce your bills at the end of the month thanks to a network of smart sensors.

Designed to make your city more connected, our offer is accompanied by an Open Data program including a management platform for advanced and scalable network monitoring: measuring air quality, electricity consumption, temperature …

Pack Wifi smart city

Updated data in participatory mode

You do not have enough budget to deploy sensor networks all over your territory, opt for crowdsourcing.

What is Crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing is the practice of using the general public to obtain information.

NOMOSPHERE offers via connected weather stations in participative mode to capture information in real time: weather, air quality, sound level meter …

The weather is nice, no need to water. The air is polluted, send messages in real time to your citizens to ask them to avoid using their car as much as possible … You detect noise, intervene directly, etc.

This data collected and analyzed in real time will allow you, at lower cost, to improve response times, always in order to better serve your citizens.

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Smart City WiFi Pack



Reconnect citizens and elected representatives together

Smart water solutions

Preserve your water resources
thanks to smart water solutions

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