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WiFi, the ideal service to create value in your airport!

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WiFi at the heart of your airport

All areas of your airport can be connected with Wi-Fi


Luggage tracking and

breakdowns prevention

Passenger’s profiles

and social media

Time spent in airport

Passenger’s path

and behavior in airport

Geofencing promotions and

ads pushed to mobile

Alerts on flight and gate

pushed to mobile

Indoor wayfinding

via mobile app

Satisfaction survey

pushed to the passengers




Guest & Professional WiFi services

We propose to connect your business services for better efficiency

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mobile payments






iot airport




An ideal passenger journey

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Prompt your passengers to log in to your guest WiFi using a customized welcome page with your own or external graphical and video ads

Invite your passengers to opt-in to receive your newsletter and develop your marketing diffusion list

Show your visitors your latest special offers, easily add videos, create infographics and customized widgets

Create your own welcome page and offer users different ways of logging in, such as:

  • Click & connect
  • Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Email connect (password option if account creation)
  • SMS login
  • Paid connection
  • Form to be filled (name, birth, location, email ….)
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Make the most of your splash page by posting any images, animations and videos for your passengers to see instantly after they connect to the Internet

Increase your revenue by displaying your latest offers, ads, coupons, promotional videos and more

Add a clear “call to action” and enhance your ROI by inviting your passengers to :

-Download your mobile app

-Check in on Facebook

-Follow you on social media

Or simply send them your marketing campaign to show them your new products or services

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Our Value-added services

Redefine travellers digital experience! We offer a multitude of digital solutions to sublimate the user experience and make their life easier.

Ads on WiFi

Web banners injection

Inform your traveler’s about your latest offers, promotions but also about their flight information through pop-up banner’s during user navigation. User’s data can be used to trigger marketing campaigns based on the accurate location information or targeted user behavior.

Satisfaction survey

Satisfaction survey

The easiest and fastest way to collect the most reliable data about traveler’s satisfaction and needs. Developing a customer satisfaction program is not just about collecting answers or data. It should be meaningful, highlighting where attention is actually required.


Wayfinding for smart airports

If you want to relieve your visitors by providing them with the best and fastest routes to their desired location, also in doing so, offering them peace of mind enjoyable shopping experience, we have the answer.

Movies fast download

Movies fast download

On demand movie download service in under a minute for people on the move. You can download and watch any movie, music video or other digital content to watch on board or while waiting in the lounge.

Digital signgage

Digital signgage

Broadcast information in the form of multimedia content on a screen, interactive terminal or video-projection. Customize your messages by location or engage your customers and inform them about the news.

Digital press

Digital press

A service available to your customers that allows them to download or read online documents such as magazines or brochures. Once downloaded, documents can be read without network access.

Data Analytics

Collect visitor’s data to build rich passenger’s profiles

Discover your KPI : track your key metrics to understand your business and your wifi use

Understand behavior : get an insight into travelers details and activities and link to on board behaviors to build rich traveler’s profiles

Enhance your customer database by collecting passenger’s emails and social profiles

Export your data via CSV or API to interconnect it with your information system tools

data analytics

Main references

“We selected the offer of Nomosphere who answered to our expectations in order to provide the best free WiFi service in all our 23 airports in the world. Nomosphere also proposed to set up value added and innovating services, based on WiFi, for the benefit of our customers and airports. We are in touch with a team of dedicated interlocutors, attentive to our needs and very reactive”

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