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Nomosphere DATA manager

Nomosphere ensure the operation of thousand Wi-Fi hotspots on hundreds of networks. We are the specialists of resumption in operation of third-party networks.

Agility and industrial processes are combined to bring the best service by providing first-class service. The Nomosphere technological mastery allows to have a set of solutions.

NOMOPHERE DATA MANAGER, a Provider platform which interconnects with your Big Data solution to capitalize on the data reservoirs of Wi-Fi networks

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NOMOSPHERE DATA MANAGER interfaces with connectors of the most popular social media to maintain its Profiles Users base with biographical data in accordance with laws and private life. The Wi-Fi infrastructure rises millions of useful data for everyday life because every Wi-Fi hotspot and every IoT sensor of national networks of NOMOSPHERE captures and stores all technical and identification information: location, IP address, MAC#, date, connection time, OS type, web browser, terminal type, language…

We offer you API to take advantage of millions continuously collected data on its networks and to maintain your Big Data mobile applications: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Retargeting, Specific mobile applications of decision support, Behavior analysis, Data monetization, Advanced dashboard of uses monitoring…


Acquire, convert and monetize user DATA

Nomosphere is the first French Wi-Fi provider

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